What is all this marketing stuff about?

Marketing is SERIOUS. It's the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, services, organizations, and events. See? That sounds serious.

Building your marketing strategy is FUN. Personal and organizational goals and objectives are met by creating and maintaining relationships. It's essentially making new friends. That's fun, right?

We make the marketing process SERIOUSLY FUN. With the highest level of skill and professionalism, we help our clients achieve their most ambitious marketing goals and objectives — with a healthy dose of fun!

Combining careful strategy with a dash of playfulness makes your brand approachable, authentic, and appealing.

Why would you want to hang out with (or hire) the Seriously Fun Marketing Group? Glad you asked.

Seriously Fun Marketing Group...

… Achieves quantifiable results and paves the way for future marketing opportunities.

…Helps you decide the most efficient way to spend your marketing dollars without any agency hype.

…Has decades of experience and a long history of Seriously Fun success.

…Believes owning your own business should be a wonderful and exciting adventure. (Hard work, yes; torture, no!)

…Provides the professionalism you need with the attitude and creativity you will appreciate.

Seriously Fun admires the entrepreneurial spirit. We encourage business owners to let us handle the marketing so they can concentrate on what they do best: running their business!


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